COMING SOON - Scripts to make booking clients fun!

COMING SOON - Scripts to make booking clients fun!


Figuring out what to say to clients can be scary - but it makes a massive difference to being able to live your best life. So I’ve pulled together all of the scripts that I use personally, and train my team to use, when dealing one on one with wedding couples.

You’re dealing with couples at the happiest time of their life, when they’re getting married! So let’s make this fun.

These scripts are designed to help you understand how your client is making their decision, so that you can speak to them in a way that personally feels good to them.

Specifically the pack includes

  • Two Phone Scripts

    • What to say when someone calls with a wedding enquiry

    • How to make a follow up phone call from an email enquiry. (Trust me, this works because no one else is doing it!)

  • Three Meeting Scripts

    • Wedding Interview - This is exactly what I say in every wedding interview to convert 80% of enquiries into actual bookings

    • How to Educate your Client on a Future Sale - No one likes surprises that cost money! Here’s how to avoid nasty shocks and have clients wanting to print your photos

    • What to say during the Album Viewing - to max your hustle and ensure you are rewarded for your hard work.

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The scripts come as both a PDF document and a photoshop document, so they are ready to print or personalise straight away.

These scripts have been refined over 16 years in the industry. So take away the guess work and get rewarded with these ready to go scripts.

And of course you dont need to be a photographer to use them, they are perfect for partners, parents or Client Managers to use during client meetings.