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Discover Your Photography Passion & Profits in 60 Days

Get More Clients, earn more money & re-discover your love photography.

Join me as a Go Live in this Online Course. I’ll be sharing with you the “CREATE” framework I use to train our Inlighten Team Members. You’ll be learning what we do at Inlighten on a daily basis, in particular, how to:

C - Create Clients

R - Reduce Costs

E - Earn more money per client

A - Advance your business

T - Time Manage Wisely

E - Enjoy photography & Live Passionately

This course is not just for photographers, it’s also for the Key People that help you be awesome every day. Husbands, wives, parents, client managers, let’s get your whole team motivated and travelling with you in the same direction.

So grab yourself a glass of wine and some dark chocolate, and be ready to take your photography game to the next level.

We’ll be starting by going live together, and then I’ll give you all the support you need to implement everything back in the real world. We’ll then catch up live every Tuesday Night with a recap of the success from the last week, plus a fresh calendar of stuff you can straight away.