What is a Bridal Coach?

Planning a wedding should be fun! But planning what is probably the biggest event of your life, can also be very stressful.

While using a wedding planner is definitely the best way to remove a lot of the stress, for many brides the cost makes it simply not an option.

So, how does today's modern bride make that huge leap from researching ideas on Pinterest - to an actual event that runs smoothly, looks good and is the happiest day of her life, without any previous experience to draw on?

Answer - She get's experience!

With over 11 years in the Wedding Industry as the Director and Head Client Manager of one of Australia's top Wedding Photography studios, Inlighten Photography, Rachael Bentick is in the unique position of having seen and heard the experiences of hundreds of brides. From the start of their journey when they are selecting their photographer, right through to after the wedding when they collect their album. She's heard the dreams, seen the reality, and relived the stories after the big day, of what worked - and what didn't.


Rachael is now making this experience available to upcoming brides, as a Bridal Coach. Through a two hour, one-on-one Coaching Session, Rachael will talk with Brides about their ideas and plans, and assist them to create a personalised Action Plan that will make planning their own day easier.

From checking your run sheet, to suggesting new ideas and suitable Suppliers. Right down to assisting with wedding etiquette issues. Rachael has the experience and resources available to help you plan your own day, through a one-off Bridal Coaching Session.

Planning your wedding is a very personal experience. It should be a reflection of who you are as a couple. Using a Bridal Coach allows you to plan your own personal wedding, while benefitting from the advice of a Wedding Industry expert with over 10 years experience.

Top 5 things your bridal coach can do for you:

1. Be a "sounding board" for your ideas - Friends are often good at this, but may lack the wedding experience to know what will and won't work. Worse yet, if they're a past bride, they may simply be recommending a clone of their own wedding. A bridal coach will listen to your ideas, provide advice and often suggest other ideas that have worked well at other weddings.

2. Provide you with a list of good quality suppliers - Coming up with the ideas is fun. Knowing how to find the suppliers to turn them into reality can be the tricky part. Having a list of reliable Wedding Industry suppliers that work within a range of budgets will remove a huge amount of your researching time.

3. Check the run sheet for your day - There are so many things that occur on a wedding, and each takes longer than you think. Plus you may have 200 guests to take into consideration. Your Bridal Coach will step you through each part of the day, and assist you in understanding how much time is needed for each activity, as well as the order that will work best.

4. Give you an Action Plan - Dont forget, you don't have to do it all yourself. Bridesmaids, groomsmen and family members are there to help. So they should be included in the Action Plan as well, to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them, and give them plenty of time to get it organised.

5. Save you money - One bad decision can not only ruin your day, it can also cost you a lot of money! You don't need everything and often there isn't enough time to do it all. By providing a list of good quality suppliers that provide Value for Money, a Bridal Coach should save you money across your whole wedding investment.

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