5 things I've learned from 1,000 weddings

March marks the biggest month in Australia for weddings. But if you're not thote next Katherine Heigl in the movie "21 Dresses", then you may need a little assistance when it comes to planning your big day. 

So here is what I have learned from 1,000 weddings - and it may not be what you expect!

1. You should never plan your wedding on Pinterest.

Nothing sets up a bride for failure like a good pair of Pinterest Goggles,convincing us that we cn DIY anything from 6 tier wedding cakes to million dollar receptions. It can be wonderful, but can also set the bar too high with wildly unrealistic expectations.

2. Seeing your bride or groom on the wedding day wont doom the marriage.

This tradition (or superstition) has been ferociously upheld for so long you'd be forgiven that it came from the bible. But seeing your spouse before the wedding will not result in a tragic accident and prevent a happily-ever-after. In fact, couples spend so little time together on their wedding day that seeing each other before the ceremony is actually a great idea.

3. The old quote "Never work with Kids and Animals" is false.

When it comes to beautiful photos that tell a story on your wedding day, nothing matches the honesty and cuteness factor of small children.  They interact with your guests and family members and are often a great source of tension relief with their playfulness and sense of fun.

4. It's true that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

And looks amazing in your photos! On an overcast day the lighting on your skin is soft and makes your skin glow in the photos. Plus bring a long a set of matching white umbrellas and the rain will give you unique photos that none of your friends have.

5. Make it grand!

Hopefully your wedding day is something you'll only being doing once. So if you've got a dream, go out and do it! Your wedding is the one day in your life you can really make your dreams come true.

Rachael BentickComment