What does "reasonably good looking" mean?

Last Tuesday I received a marriage proposal... of sorts... I had just finished giving a seminar to wedding photographers and over the course of the night, had divulged a little of my business background. On a 'high', feeling like I had appeared professional and knowledgeable, I was quickly brought back down to earth when an attendee made the comment "Wow, I would marry you. You know accounting, marketing and social media - and you're "reasonably good looking".  

Reasonably good looking?  

When did the word "reasonably" come into play?  

In a week where "playing the gender card" has been a huge source of contention, I found myself feeling reasonably pissed off by the fact that I actually cared more about what this guy thought of my looks, than I did about what he thought of my professional skills.  Especially when on this occasion I had actually found time to slap on some make up and crank up the hair straightener!

So while lying on the beautician's table getting my eyebrows waxed (metaphorically speaking I wasn't going to take this lying down!) I had time to consider, how will my life change now that my common adjective was no longer Smokin'?

Should I give up, donate my low cut Supre tops to the Salvos, pull on the tracky dacks and just hope that my intellect will pull me through the rest of life?  Or could I come to terms with a new middle ground?

Well, I'm still trying to decide on the answers. But it did give me reason to look back on my wedding photos from 11 years ago and feel pretty good about how incredible I looked on that day, and about the life I've lead that has brought me to today. No missed opportunities, few regrets and a husband that I am still in love with today (ok, maybe a little less the day after State of Origin...)

Our wedding day was perfect for us. There is no other time in your life that you get the opportunity to be pampered guilt free, chose the dress of your dreams and spend 6 months working towards looking the absolute best you can for that one specific day.

And now, 11 years and 2 kids later, I'm so glad I did it. Hopefully, you wont get another shot at your wedding, so go all out and book your favourite hair stylist, the top make up artist and the photographer you love the most.  Go with your heart and look your best - cause 10 years later when you hear the word "reasonably", you'll be so glad you did.