Hi, I’m Rach from

Inlighten Photography


Old school thinking business thinking said “Work hard and retire young.”

My belief is “Photographers are passionate about photography. Create a professional lifestyle that allows you to have periods of adventure & recovery throughout your life, so you can be passionate and profitable for the long term.”

OK, I’m going to start by being completely honest with you. 2 years ago I wasn’t sure if I could do this any more. Have you ever felt that way, where you had to wanted to keep going, but you just didn’t know how?

My husband Dean and I had started Inlighten 14 years earlier, and times had changed! I didn’t know how to play the game anymore. I was stressed, spinning in unproductive circles and sad during the times I wasn’t at work, when I should have been enjoying time with my family.

Fast Forward 2 years and it’s a completely different story.

Last year was one of our biggest ever. We shot over 90 weddings, plus a heap of portrait and commercial shoots – but what I’m most proud of is, that even though we did that big volume, we still delivered amazing customer service and won the (Australian Bridal Industry Award) ABIA Award for the Best Wedding Photographer in NSW - as voted by our Brides!

The phone is ringing, our socials are increasing and money is flowing into our accounts again.

But what’s really crazy, is that when chat to other photographers (and their wives!), so many people are feeling like I did 2 years ago and are now asking me “What Did You Do?”

These are amazing industry professionals whose Instagram feeds I admire and secretly covet. So I’ve decided to play it forward, and share with everyone, the secrets I’ve used to build the Inlighten brand as a reputable business for 16 years!

Yep everything!

The Templates, the spreadsheets, the scripts and training methods I use to build an amazing team around me. That not only generates a profit, but also gives me the freedom and flexibility to have holidays with my family, and work on passion projects such as this one!

So rather than learning from studios and photographers you’ve never heard of, please join me as I take you on the journey with us in real time, as we continue to successfully grow Inlighten Photography. I’m sure I’ll make a few mistakes along the way, but hey, there’s no such thing as failure, just opportunities to learn - and you’ll get these learnings too!

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It’s not just about social media. You need to work on all areas of customer service, innovation and marketing if you want to be profitable in today’s photography market.



A little bit about me.

I’m the spreadsheet lover, who is crazy passionate about printing photos and an expert Behind the Scene iphoneographer. I also know the importance of a good selfie, especially on Instagram Stories, and I do all the writing and blogging bits for Inlighten. My role is meeting with our clients to guide them through an amazing experience with us. If I do my bit right, (explain the process, educate on pricing, create a good feeling) then everyone including the clients and our photographers are happy.

And that’s the bit I want to share.

I’m also a reality TV tragic. Survivor & Unreal are my favourite guilty pleasures, especially with a cheeky glass of red wine and some dark chocolate!

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I love being able to focus on what I love doing every day. Taking beautiful photos that mean the world to my couples.

- Dean, co-founder of Inlighten Photography


We would be nothing without my husband Dean - the actual photographer.

He’s the creative genius that actually takes the photos. I try to do everything else so that he can focus on being the best photographer that he can be. And I think there are a lot of husband and wife teams out there. There’s a tonne of creative support for the photographer to hone their skills, but finding good quality business education specific to the wedding & portrait industry is trickier to find.

My aim is to help all of the photographers, and their other halves that make the engine tick, more profitable and able to live passionate lives - both professionally and for their families.


live passionately, xx