Hi, I’m Rach from

Inlighten Photography

In the old days, people used to say “Work hard and retire young.” Not any more. We love what we do, why stop?!

My belief is “Photographers are passionate about photography. We need to create a professional lifestyle that allows you to have periods of adventure & recovery throughout your life, so you can be passionate and profitable over the long term.”

Or to say it another way -

Work hard, Play hard,
Rest & Repeat.

In our business I basically do everything, except pick up the camera. Which means that my husband Dean gets to focus on what he loves, taking photos and being creative.

Because I get it! Amazing photographers want to get out there and shoot! They don’t want to be behind a computer automating email replies and setting up systems to manage their workflow. But guess what? If you want to use photography to live your best life, these are essential business ingredients.

But I’ve got some good news for you. For 16 years I’ve been creating the systems, marketing and behind the scenes mojo that have made Inlighten Photography one of the top photography studios in Australia, and the winner of the 2018 Best Wedding Photographer in NSW, as voted by our brides! (Yes - I am in the business of creating happy clients who refer us - not ripping them off!!)

And now, I want to share the love. I am super passionate about seeing photographers and creatives grow their business, and there’s a reason for that…. I wont bore you with details on the home page, but you can read all about my backstory here.


It’s not just about social media. You need to work on all areas of customer service, innovation and marketing if you want to be profitable in today’s photography market.

A little bit about me.

I’m a spreadsheet lover, who is crazy passionate about printing photos and an expert Behind the Scene iphoneographer. I also know the importance of a good selfie, especially on Instagram Stories, and I do all the writing and blogging bits for Inlighten. My role is meeting with our clients to guide them through an amazing experience with us. If I do my bit right, (explain the process, educate on pricing, create a good feeling) then everyone including the clients and our photographers are happy. And we get to be passionate & profitable.

And that’s the bit I want to share.

_EID0541 low.jpg

I love being entrepreneurial, but I just don’t have the time to do every little thing, like write automated emails. Rach has set up our systems which has allowed me to focus on doing what I love - Taking beautiful photos that mean the world to my couples.

- Dean, co-founder of Inlighten Photography

This website is basically the pinnacle of everything I have been learning, systemising and creating for the last 16 years. I meet so many amazing photographers and creatives out there who are struggling in business. I hope I can give you the practical tools and resources you need, to be the passionate and profitable artist that you dream of being.


live passionately, xx