How a "NOT TO DO LIST" will change your life.

Self education and learning is awesome, I love it! But sometimes for me, it can lead to a feeling of overwhelm, as I discover all of these new ideas and strategies that I want (and need!) to implement - but with no additional time to actually do it.

Time - it’s the one great equaliser in the world - we all have exactly the same amount, it’s how you use it that counts!

And that is the game changing power of the “Not To Do List”. It allows you to write down all of the things that you spend time on, that DON’T help move you towards your goals and dreams for your business. And then determine how you will NOT do them.

This then frees up the time to do the things you DO need to do!

Start by writing down at least 5 things that you spend time on, that aren’t as important, or aren’t going to move you towards your goal. Then identify how you’re going to NOT do them, by circling one option for each item. For each task you will either

  • Automate it - Create or find a system that does it for you

  • Delegate it - To either another person, or outsource it an external company.

  • Eliminate it - Just stop doing it all together

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As a small business owner, I count the time I spend in my personal life as well as during my work day. Because let’s face it, they’re pretty much one in the same - and it can be so easy to not get work stuff done, by hiding behind the guilt free excuse of house stuff.

But if we want to make a difference and find extra time, we need to cut the excuses.
Here’s what my “Not To Do List” Looks Like.

Here’s my personal “Not To-Do List”

Here’s my personal “Not To-Do List”

Except - here’s what it really looked like. It doesnt have to look pretty and sexy - in fact, making things look pretty when it’s actually time wasting instead of moving towards my goal, could be a great one to add to a Not To Do List.


In addition to these tasks on a daily basis, I also have two Additional “Not To Do’s” that I force myself to steer away from every day.


OK, so Kyle and Jackie O were something of a guilty pleasure for me, but rather than fill my head with “What’s in Jackie’s mouth” instead I now listen to a podcast that fills my mind with something I can learn.


I try to start the day in a pro-active way, rather than a re-active. Decide what I want to do to move forward and grow my business, then open my emails. Emails are always full of items you need to react to. Decide what it is that you want to do to grow your business today, then decide if the fire in that email, can maybe burn for a little longer before you put it out.

So take the time now to write your own “Not To Do List” and you’ll be amazed at how much additional time you’ve freed up, to do the things that actually matter and will push you towards your goals.