Our Latest Online Collaboration - Inlighten Gold Class

It’s all about Collaborations and we definitely practise what we preach! Our advertising budget has been shredded to a shadow of it’s former self, however marketing today takes a lot of time. With still the same goal in mind - the highest number of eyeballs.

Our aim was to create a piece of online content that spoke to our constant desire to always create a better experience for our couples. Our goal isnt to shoot a thousand weddings each year, it’s to attract our dream client who is willing to reward us for our time and energy.

With this in mind, we came up with the idea of creating a luxury “Gold Class” Viewing experience for that special moment when our couples see their photos for the first time.

We definitely DIDNT want a corporate video that talked up the attributes. Nothing turns couples away more than feeling as though they’re being sold to!

So instead our video took the approach of a ‘Behind the Scenes” look at how we created the experience as a Surprise for our couples.

So far we have only promoted this video online once, through which we generated 5 direct booking upgrades to existing couples who added this experience to their package. Plus we generated a tonne of enquiries from couples who didnt actually book a Gold Class Viewing, but became interested in us because they shared our value of the client experience.

Check it out for yourself below - and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

To push the content even further, we supplied every vendor who worked on this wedding with us, a collection of Instagram Stories visuals which they could post, with a link to our website containing the Video.

inlighten 1.jpg
inlighten 2.jpg
inlighten 3.jpg
inlighten 4.jpg

And of course we had some “learnings” along the way. The main one was to supply the other collaborators with photos and images in multiple formats, at low resolution.

Some people operate their socials through their phones. Others like me schedule their posts through platforms on their computer. Just remember that you work with photos all the time, they dont.

Make sure you supply ready to use photos, at low resolution, directly to them via their preferred method.

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