Max your hustle! Be Rewarded More For Each Job

Our dream that drives us, is to be a team of passionate Creatives, who spend time and effort creating unique photography art pieces for every individual client.

Mass production of the same old wedding photos is not our thing.

But there’s only so many hours that I want to work in a day, and only 52 weekends in a year. So I need to charge a premium.

This is how I do that - and more importantly, make sure our clients love us and refer us to their friends!

You built your website, scheduled your instagram posts and paid for the Facebook ads. You took the time to answer their online enquiry, sent out your package info, talked to them on the phone and finally met them in person to book their wedding. That’s a lot of hustle!

So let’s look at ways you can maximise your return on all of the hard work you’ve already done.

And yes, I know, I don’t like hard selling either - I promise these are concepts I use with my own couples, and they still voted for us as the Best Wedding Photographer in 2018. So they must still love us!

My ideas below are all aimed at Wedding clients you have already booked in, and aim to generate more sales for little or no additional work. It’s are all about offering options that they’re going to want to buy, no pushing required!

  1. People buy what they can see

    If you want to sell large albums with lots of sides, then you need to show studio samples of large albums with lots of sides. they’ve never created a wedding album before and can’t imagine how amazing it looks if you don’t have a sample there to show.

    Large photos spread out across each page allow the small details on your photos to be appreciated. I am a massive believer in less is more, I’d rather fewer big shots in an album, rather than tonnes of little ones. So ensure your studio examples reflect this.


2. Let couples know what is “normal”

No one wants to think they’re over spending. Most people are comfortable in either the middle ground, or using the “second cheapest bottle of wine” theory. Show couples what your most popular upgrade is and assure them that it’s what everyone does.

3. Sell Albums - Offer so much value they’re crazy not to print one.

Yes, yes, I can hear you from here, “My couples don’t want albums, I can’t get album upsales”. According to Easy Wedding’s most recent survey of brides, 50% of couples are planning on getting a wedding album. 50! That’s fantastic news! So even if it’s not already in your repertoire, be open minded and give it a shot.

With all of your existing already booked clients, give them a credit towards printing an album with you, maybe to the value of $500, that is valid until 3 months after their wedding. If they’re thinking about getting an album, they’d be crazy not to utilise a voucher with such high value!

Also consider pre-designing their album ready to show them. I love the program Fundy because it is so super easy and quick to design an album, that even if they dont purchase it, you havent lost much time.


4. Sell what you can do, that they cant.

Anyone can rock up to Officeworks and print a photo. But most clients can’t do photoshop retouching to the level that you can. So instead of selling prints, offer your clients complimentary retouching of any photo that they get printed. Suddenly the value of a print through you, increases dramatically. And ensure that they also receive the retouched high resolution file as well.

5. Describe photos and explain your “Why”

When I look at a photo, the first thing I do is check myself out. And this is probably what your couple are doing too! What they’re not doing is thinking about “Why” you took the photo, and the creative thought process that was going through your head at the time. So it’s your job to explain it them, and help them understand why the photo that you took, has more depth to it’s story than a first glance may reveal.

And just because I didn’t physically click the button, doesn’t mean I cant do this too. These are the things that I look for when describing a photo

  • The lighting, where is it coming from, where does it hit and what effect does it create (Alternately, where are the shadows and what do they add to the photo)

  • Body position, are their bodies turned towards each other, are they hugging and you can see the strength of the hug through the tension in their fingers, what is their body doing and what does it tell you about the shot.

  • What mood is being created by the photo? Is it close up and “intimate”. Is it soft and “romantic”. Is it a wide room shot that is “dramatic and powerful”. Explain the feeling and the mood being created by the photo and how this makes it different to similar photos taken at the same time.

A simple moment - until you realise that this photo has captured 3 generations of the one family. I love the way that our bride Melissa and her daughter are mirroring each other in their movements, with Melissa’s mum watching on. And it’s all beautifully backlit, giving the photo a soft and intimate feeling.

A simple moment - until you realise that this photo has captured 3 generations of the one family. I love the way that our bride Melissa and her daughter are mirroring each other in their movements, with Melissa’s mum watching on. And it’s all beautifully backlit, giving the photo a soft and intimate feeling.

Once you’ve explained your Why, then explain what this specifically means to the couple. My favourite phrase in the world is “Which Means”. Every time you talk about a photo add the phrase “Which means” on the end.

“This is a photo of your group shot - which means you have a record of every person who shared your day with you.”

“This is a photo of you at the start of the day (describe) you can see the light is coming in behind your head giving you a soft glow (which means) which means your photo has a soft and romantic look which is different to the other photos.

0008 ES INLIGHTEN _DSC0126.jpg

6. Create products they cant make themselves

Acrylic blocks, etched metal prints and custom designed books with extras like embossing and fly sheets, agree all difficult or time consuming for couples to be able to create themselves. So they will be more likely to order these through you.


7. Sell the pre-wedding files separately

Every body wants the best price. Do you offer a free pre-wedding shoot, and then have people ask for a discount for removing it? I hear you! Us to! But the beauty of offering the shoot for free, is that you can say this is your best priced package, you’re helping couples out by creating the lowest cost option you can. From there, if they would like to add on more options, they are welcome to do so.

8. Offer a Discount to include additional items to their package before the wedding

Note: I did NOT say Charge More After!

I am very up front with my couples, and I say “I want you to have a great experience and refer me to your friends, therefore I want you to have no surprises. For this reason, we offer a discounted rate to include additional options up front, so that you have a reason to think about it. Rather than trying to believe you won’t want extra sides in your album up front, and then pretending we didn’t tell you about it, lol!

9. Schedule meetings as soon after the wedding as possible.

Dean and I constantly fight on this one, he says “Can’t you just make them come in during business hours?” To get the maximum sale, you need to have both decision makers in the room. And you need them to still be super excited about the wedding, before you are competing with “Taps and Tiles” otherwise known as their home renovation. By fulfilling their order asap after their wedding, not only do you look good, you also get their data off your server faster (massive storage issues!) and you’ll get the biggest upsale from the continued excitement. We schedule the proof viewing during the final pre-wedding meeting.

10. Recap package inclusions prewedding, and educate on options to purchase after wedding

NO SURPRISES! That’s our motto. We’ve worked too damn hard to lose all of those referrals, just because we didnt take the time to explain our prices up front. At our final Pre-Wedding Meeting with the couple, we take them through all of the inclusions in their package, as well as the prices of additional items.

01 Weddings.jpg

My goal is to teach photographers and their partners how to have a better quality of life by being more profitable and passionate. It’s not about increasing your volume. It’s about finding your own awesome, helping your couples appreciate it and being rewarded fairly for your effort and skill.

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